digital art

fort gorges, portland maine

digital art

I’ve always been fascinated by cameras. Not in my usual geeky, “how does that work?” sort of way, but rather in the way the photos they rendered could elicit an emotion or a mood. Sure, we all know they can capture a moment in time.  That’s not what fascinates me.

A paintbrush with a shutter…

The typical artist we think of draws or paints and, in the process, interprets or manipulates the world.

frank j redaI can’t draw.

I can’t paint.

But I can observe and interpret. I can observe through a lens and capture a moment in time. I can capture pixels and interpret with software. I can warp time and perception. I can relive the experience, or I can create a whole new experience for the viewer. Tell me that’s not cool.

Technically incorrect.

I’ve spent most of my time behind the camera lens worrying about “the rules” of photography. I’ve tried my best to follow the rules. I’ve learned that following the rules yields images that look like the images of everyone else who follows the rules. I no longer have any interest in being technically correct. I’m more interested in being interesting.

No apologies.

A lot of photographers hear the phrase “that looks Photoshopped” and get offended. I don’t. I think an artist should use all the creative tools at his/her disposal to render the feeling or mood they want to convey. Yes, I use Photoshop and a variety of other image manipulation software tools to render my images. So what? If the final result achieves what I set out to do, who cares how I got there?

So, what’s this site about?

This is merely a place for me to share my work. If you like it, great. If you don’t like it, that’s cool too. In either case, I hope you enjoy your time here. I know I do.